Consulting services

I offer a broad range of data science consulting services, including:

  • Solving data science problems – from the business question through to deployment
  • Teaching and mentoring
  • Speaking at conferences
  • Building data science strategy and teams

Solving data science problems

I have a huge toolbox of skills which I can apply to your problems:

  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Experimental design and analysis (Frequentist and Bayesian A/B testing)
  • (Causal) regression analysis
  • Time series forecasting
  • Panel data methods
  • Applications of economic theory to real-world business problems
  • Numerical analysis and computational methods for a wide variety of scientific problems

Typically, I use CRISP-DM on data science projects to ensure that data science is applied in a rigorous and reproducible manner. This methodology focuses on defining the business question, exploring what questions you can actually solve with your data, and planning the entire data science process through to deployment.

Teaching and mentoring

I have a taught a broad range and style of courses in both academia and industry for several decades. In addition, I founded and developed Galvanize’s Data Science Bootcamp in Seattle. I deliver engaging – even humorous – classes which teach the indispensable knowledge you need to succeed with real problems.

In addition, I have hired and mentored numerous data scientists for a variety of organizations. I can help your data scientists quickly improve their skills and impact.

Conference speaking

When I speak at a conference, I deliver entertaining talks packed with useful knowledge and skills that participants can immediately apply to their problems. To get a sense of my style, watch my presentation on Correctness in Data Science from the 2015 Seattle Data Science Pop-up or check out Episode 4 of the DataFramed podcast, where I discuss how data science is revolutionizing the trucking industry.