It's on! Seattle Data Science Journal Club's inaugural meeting

I love working as a data scientist in industry with rich data and fascinating, real-world problems. But, I miss having access to high quality seminars where I can discuss the latest research and ideas with peers. Looking at the flourishing data science journal clubs in Silicon Valley and London, I was keen to launch a similar meetup in Seattle.

Today, Convoy sponsored and launched a new meetup, the Seattle Data Science Journal Club, to help data scientists remain on the forefront of the profession. Now, Seattle data scientists have a forum to talk about the latest research and network with peers. Almost 30 data scientists attended to discuss Wager & Athey’s 2017 paper “Estimation and Inference of Heterogeneous Treatment Effects Using Random Forests.” The monthly sessions alternate between a speaker series, with top data scientists, and a seminar series, where we discuss a paper.

Wager & Athey (2017) is part of an exciting new strand of literature which combines machine learning techniques and econometrics to estimate treatment effects more robustly. Because data scientists often have to measure causal effects to determine the optimal (enough) policy for some problem, most of us can readily apply these techniques in our work. You can read more about our discussion of this paper in the slides which I prepared for the meetup.